Fuels Quality Surveillance


EXPAT fuel wxpoerts and Small to Meidium Enterprisses, with over 20 years experience in the field provides quality control and surveillance for Arrow Petroleum fuels.


  • Fuel Certificate of Quality is reviewed by fuels Small to Medium Enterprisses prior to purchase product is tested upon loading by inpectorate of SGS services
  • Upon arrival in Hairatan product in Rail Tanker Cars is tested by SGS services
  • All product received into storage tanks is tested to A level prior to issue to a truck fill stand
  • Every truck is inspected before loading and tested and sealed after loading
  • The Arrow Petroleum fuels quality surveillance program ensured that fuel quality met applicable specifications when provided to the end user. Any deficiencies causing fuel quality to not meet specifications.
  • Arrow Petroleum satisfactorily maintaining the Fuels quality surveillance program when physically Upload or Download fuel at storage facilities under the Quality Control Department awareness
  • Quality surveillance, as used herein, is the aggregate of measures (blending, stock rotation, sampling, etc.) used to determine and maintain the quality of product receipts and issue at AP owned bulk petroleum products to the degree necessary to ensure that such products are suitable for their intended use. A vigilant quality surveillance program, implemented by properly trained personnel, is necessary to protect the original product quality.