Arrow Petroleum headquarters are located in Kabul, Afghanistan and Bulk fuel storage in Kabul -- Kabul International Airport , & Hairatan, all poised to serve you. Arrow Petroleum maintains a comprehensive fleet of vehicles located throughout Afghanistan. We can provide total asset movement and control, in-house dispatch, tracking and security.


  • Arrow Petroleum delivers fuel products to 78 sites throughout Afghanistan.
  • We have dedicated staff of professionals in petroleum operations for import, storage, and transport to the customers.
  • We have a team of fuel quality experts for quality surveillance of facilities and product handled.
  • We use over 350 tank trucks of a partner company and 450 subcontracted tank trucks for movement of products.
  • The company performs web based monitoring of fuel convoys and fuel inventories.
  • Arrow Petroleum sets the petroleum industry standard for excellence in fuel supply and customer support.
  • We are recognized, trusted and diverse wholesale fuel distributor.